Upcoming Events

Monday, March 26th – 12noon

Puppet head building, at 12520 Willow Creek Rd. Please RSVP at occupyamador@gmail.com

Sunday, April 1st – 10am

Occupy Amador-Calaveras Puppet Party!

The Center for Creativity and Community, 23 West St. Charles , San Andreas, CA 95249

We will spent the day together finishing our Wall Street Puppet AND painting our shade canopy for Occupy Events. No artistic skills needed!  This time will also be good for getting to know one another better, and discuss ideas for the spring and summer.

Bring something to share for lunch, we’ll have a picnic.

Saturday, April 22nd – 11am – 5pm

Earth Day 2012, Utica Park in Angels Camp

We will have a shared booth with other Motherlode Occupies, and unveil our Wall Street Puppet Parade. Bring your Wall Street costume (dark suit, etc) and join in the fun.


One thought on “Upcoming Events

  1. scott webb says:

    Announcing, free OCCUPY ebook, detailing how corporations have overtaken our food and our health.


    Occupy Wall Street has opened a dialogue about life as we know it in America. This short book carries the discussion one step further reviewing the American system as it pertains to your health and well-being. Simple diagrams help you to map where you are and where you very likely want to be. Documented with helpful links throughout.

    Society must improve in its ability to listen and then transfer learning. Like, what happens inside the human body after consuming a single fast food hamburger? And what is the relationship between illness and modern farming/ranching methods? With rapid appreciation for the benefits of organic growing methods comes general confusion about what it all means. Not any more! Within just fifteen minutes of reviewing these diagrams, better clarity is the likely outcome.

    As the author, I have contributed to the OCCUPY discussion by creating this free resource. Any suggestions you have for calling attention further to these issues is welcomed and appreciated.

    Initial feedback:

    “This is soooo awesome! So well laid out and brilliantly designed! I’m going to post this on our Body Detox Facebook fan page!” Seattle, WA

    “Scott…uh what can I say besides frickin’ awesome!!?? Thanks for this. I’ll add it to my website in the free downloads section and will also include it in my next newsletter.” Los Angeles, CA

    Further Contact: Scott W. Webb Shag9y@gmail.com

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