Take Back Main Street

Perhaps the most effected by the economy are our small town local businesses.  Since the arrival of chain stores in the 1980″s, mom and pop locals existing in the same location for generations began to disappear.

We are discussing holding “Occupy Main Street” protests in support of our small businesses, and doing what we can to boost our own economy right here in Amador County.  Perhaps a “Fix Our Own Damn Economy” Campaign to educate people about the importance of shopping local.  One thing we do know is that your dollars spent in a local small business impacts the economy 3x more than when you shop at a box store like Walmart and PetCo.  If we simply started spending our money locally we would see our economy grow.  More jobs, more tax money for the county, better services.

Please spread the word and SHOP LOCAL SMALL BIZ!

Post a comment below if you have thoughts or ideas about building our local economy.


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