Amador County declared Occupied

A small group of Amador County residents and visitors from adjacent counties gathered yesterday for the first Occupy Amador County general assembly and protest in Sutter Creek.    The meeting started at 3:30 in Minnie Provis park, where we had an opportunity to get to know one another, learn more about our economy from the teaching of Robert Reich,  and discuss ideas of how we will take action in Amador County.

The Occupy movement, known for it’s diversity, is no different in Amador County.  Clearly what is on peoples minds lives outside the box of party lines.  We want a country that works, and if are willing to work, it will work for you.  Importantly noted by several members is even when someone is not willing to put themselves in the 99% category, they will admit to thinking our government system is corrupt and trickle down economics is a fallacy.

Once we took to the street in front of the Sutter Creek Auditorium, there were honks and waves of support, puzzled looks, several passersby who knew nothing about Occupy or the 99%, and a few that expressed getting Obama out of office would fix the economy and provide jobs.

As discussed, the objectives of Occupy Amador County are 3 fold.

  1. Educate Amador County Residents about the Occupy Movement/The 99%, the state of our economy so they can vote or take action towards accountability and real change.
  2. Protest Bank of America and Wells Fargo.
  3. Stage ‘Occupy Main Street’ events to promote shopping local during the holidays.

Occupy Amador County will be meeting every Friday at 4:00, however locations will change from week to week.

Friday, November 4th we will meet at 4:00 at Minnie Provis Park in Sutter Creek.

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