American Spring Has Sprung

It was great to meet at Rosebuds, quieter and easier to hear one another. We set aside the hand out project to discuss the things we are interested in focusing our attention on. Topics included:

Agenda 21 – Kerry Williams, point person. Connecting with Foot Hill Conservancy and groups that exist who are already working on issues regarding Agenda 21. This has become a sited issue for Occupy in part due to the TP is currently preparing their campaign to try to convince us all of their conspiracy theory and who would rather sell out to the 1% to abate any and all federal oversight of our forest and water resources. Kerry will provide further information and potentially bringing in a speaker.

Women’s Walk and Roll – Meghan and Terry, point people/walkers. Maggi Godman full time support. We will be camping near Sloughhouse, 6 miles from the hiway so will be driven in. A 2 bed/2 bath hotel suite with sofabed and kitchenette with view of the Capitol Mall has been reserved which will accommodate 5 – 12 people. Meghan and Terry are creating logo and website, David Roddy will write press release and contact Valley media outlets. Michael Israel being an experienced activist walker will advise. Others have expressed interest for support crew and walking and rolling short distances. We would like to stage a parade/media opportunity at Rancho Marietta. Women involved in organizing the Capitol March are set to spread the word once we launch everything. We are also considering having a time we anticipate arriving in Sacramento where people can greet us. The more people who get involved to more things like this we can do. Estimated cost for full time walkers, rollers and support is $150 each for camping, food, hotel, transport, supplies, t-shirts and hats, so we will solicit for sponsors and seek donated t-shirts/hats. Securing more participants and getting donations are key and a roll people who cannot make the walk or the March can play!

Puppet Parade – Have design for body worked out, paper mache head in process of being made. Will meet again Sunday, April 1st in San Andreas to complete (hopefully). Dress rehearsal is April 22nd at Earth Day in Angels Camp. We need to find elephant and jackass masks and a dark suit for everyone to complete the Wall Street Circus.

Providing clothing or a needed service in Amador County – Derek Walker, point person. Provide a service currently not being met for families in need. Possibly do a free Back to School store for kids cloths, or do clothing yard sales to provide cheap good condition clothes and raise money for Occupy.

Spring Training – A non-violence training is scheduled in Murphys on April 15th, and if enough are interested there could be one brought to Amador. This is part of the OWS American Spring, of which preparing our handout will also play a roll.

Cities Move Our Money – Contact and petition our local cities find out who they bank with and request/petition them to move their money from Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Ground work for Ione – Terry, Jackson – Meghan, need people to cover Amador City, Plymouth and Sutter Creek. Regarding Ione, we are required to write a letter to the City Council with our proposal and it will be listed on the agenda and read. Comments can be made during public comments, and a decision will be made by the Council regarding the next step in the process.

Ione Community Garden – Valarie Roddy, point person. First step is to contact city planner, Chris Jordan regarding any issues with the city.

We covered a lot of territory, if I forgot anything please let me know.

Terry Goffinet
March Admin


The Wheels Are Turning

A very successful weekend for OccupyAC. On Friday, about 8 of us brainstormed on our mission statement and 4x handout, a smaller group is meeting this week to polish it up, and we will agree on the final edits on Friday. Demonstration at 88/49 was smaller but lively.

On Sunday, March 11th, 10 of us attended the puppet making, created the design, collected supplies from local thrift stores, and started building. The top hat for the main Wall Street character was completed, and people will meet in Ione to make the paper mache head so it is ready for our next work day on April 1st. We also decided that Earth Day on the 22nd will be a fun place to unveil, and practice, our Wall Street Puppet Parade. People who want to participate will need to dress up like a Senator/Congress-person, dark suit, etc.

Hanging out together and talking was also a lot of fun, and those who attended are in agreement about having work days and committee meetings on Sundays. This will give us more time for projects and actions and include those who work and are in college. This would be in addition to our Friday meetings and demos. Another topic of discussion right now is the possibility of some of us walking/bike riding to Sacramento from Amador Co for one of the next big protests at the State Capitol. The next action planned is the National Women’s March on the Capitol, April 28th. The “Walk and Roll” would start from Hwy 49/16 and would include one night camping mid way, and one night in motel in Sac. If you want to join us you can walk, run, ride a bike, or even a wheel chair/motorized medical scooter, or be on the support crew. This date may be too soon for preparation (i.e. getting in shape) so we may postpone till something else good comes along.


Upcoming Events:

March 16 and 17: Occupy Monsanto, Davis. Carpools being arranged. Seems like most people from Amador and Calaveras are going 17th so far.

April 1: Puppet work day, San Andreas.

April 22: Earth Day, Angels Camp. Tricounty Occupies will have a booth and have materials to give out. Preparation for event includes creating handouts and painting our canopy cover, which is something else we can do at the center in San Andreas.

April 28th: Women’s March on the Capitols, Sacramento.

May 1st: General Strike, everywhere.


PLEASE sign and share this petition to be delivered to Gov. Brown regarding clear cutting in the Sierras.


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Ongoing Meetings and Demonstrations

Since we started, occupiers have been demonstrating every Friday primarily at the corners of Hwy 49 and 88 in Jackson.  We have also paid visits to Martell, Sutter Creek, Walmart and Valley Springs.  In January and February we held several meetings and have now decided on a consistent schedule and location with the goal of building momentum to take on some projects to educate people and improve the economy in Amador County.  All are welcome to join us!

Fridays: 3pm Meeting at Cafe De Cocos.  4pm Demonstration at the corner of Hwy 49 and 88.

You can also join us on FB to receive updates and announcements, as well as participate in discussions.

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Amador County declared Occupied

A small group of Amador County residents and visitors from adjacent counties gathered yesterday for the first Occupy Amador County general assembly and protest in Sutter Creek.    The meeting started at 3:30 in Minnie Provis park, where we had an opportunity to get to know one another, learn more about our economy from the teaching of Robert Reich,  and discuss ideas of how we will take action in Amador County.

The Occupy movement, known for it’s diversity, is no different in Amador County.  Clearly what is on peoples minds lives outside the box of party lines.  We want a country that works, and if are willing to work, it will work for you.  Importantly noted by several members is even when someone is not willing to put themselves in the 99% category, they will admit to thinking our government system is corrupt and trickle down economics is a fallacy.

Once we took to the street in front of the Sutter Creek Auditorium, there were honks and waves of support, puzzled looks, several passersby who knew nothing about Occupy or the 99%, and a few that expressed getting Obama out of office would fix the economy and provide jobs.

As discussed, the objectives of Occupy Amador County are 3 fold.

  1. Educate Amador County Residents about the Occupy Movement/The 99%, the state of our economy so they can vote or take action towards accountability and real change.
  2. Protest Bank of America and Wells Fargo.
  3. Stage ‘Occupy Main Street’ events to promote shopping local during the holidays.

Occupy Amador County will be meeting every Friday at 4:00, however locations will change from week to week.

Friday, November 4th we will meet at 4:00 at Minnie Provis Park in Sutter Creek.

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